George Doig's Career

George Doig’s football career started in the South Suburban Football Competition in and around Fremantle. In one game in 1931 he kicked the whole score of his team – 26.21 – and 127 goals for the season. This feat attracted the attention of the East Fremantle Football Club and he was invited to play with the second grade team in 1932.

In his first season at this level he kicked 126 goals.

In 1933 he was promoted to the League team at East Fremantle. In his first game he kicked 9 goals. For the season he kicked 106 goals, the first person in the Western Australian Football League to kick more than 100 goals in a season at League level.

The following year he kicked 152 goals, which was an Australian record until 1953, when the great Bernie Naylor, from the South Fremantle Football Club kicked 167 goals (including finals matches)

In the 1934 season George kicked 19 goals [19.3] in one match (then an Australian record)
followed by 13 goals [13.4] in the following match.

In 1935, George kicked 113 goals, followed by 108 goals in 1936, 144 goals in 1937, 100 goals in 1938, 106 goals in 1939, 108 goals in 1940, and 146 goals in 1941.

Goals kicked by George Doig

Due to the Second World War, 1941 practically marked his retirement from football. He had represented Western Australia on 14 occasions and kicked 62 goals in State matches. In 1945, at the request of the Committee, George returned to play 6 games and help East Fremantle win the Premiership for that year.

During his career he played in 8 Grand Finals.